Calo des Moro

Caló des Moro is one of the most impressive beaches in Mallorca, located south of the island in the municipality of Santanyi. It is a dream come true and probably the most photographed beach on the island. A true wonder of nature, considered by many the best cove of Mallorca.

Calo des Moro always appears in the Top 5 ranking of best beaches in Mallorca, and for good reason. It is a small, white sand beach nestled between small cliffs of whimsical shapes that fall to the sea where the intense green of pines and the bushes cliffs stand out with extremely crystal clear turquoise waters, creating a real postcard scenery.


Calo des Moro cave in Mallorca
© Tommie Hansen


The beach is pristine and wild, as it has no hotels, no houses, no restaurants, just pure nature. Access is not easy since you have to descend for about 10 or 15 minutes down a path that is directing you to the sea. During the descent, you can enjoy its beauty and find a movie-like beach, a place that will make you feel fortunate to enjoy this earthly paradise.


Spectacular clear and turquois water of Calo des Moro
© Tommie Hansen


We recommend climbing to the viewpoint of the cliff. From there, you will enjoy a panoramic view that will be marked forever in your retina. Calo des Moro is a must in Mallorca. We recommend arriving to the beach early
to find parking nearby and to settle in a good place. Remember, that the beach is not very large and is quite busy in high season.
Because of its location and its cliffs, at sunset the shadows cover this beach before other neighboring beaches; this is another reason to go early.
If you like diving, do not forget your mask and snorkel, as the Calo des Moro is a perfect place for this practice. It is also advisable to wear sandals if you’re brave to enjoy jumping off the rocks.


Spectacular landscape in Calo des Moro Mallorca
© Tommie Hansen


Information about Caló des Moro

Type of beach
Lenght: 30m
Widht: 20 m
Location: At the south of the island, Santany
Type of beach: Familly beach cristaline and turquois water
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Photo by: © Morfheos
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