Es Caló des Moro

It is Caló Des Moro is a beautiful and small white sandy beach to the North of the Bay of Sant Antoni located at the end of the promenade in the town. From this urban beach is one of the most famous places in Ibiza, the bars from where to enjoy the best sunsets on the island

Playa Es Caló des Moro small beach in San Antoni city centre


It is a beach of easy access walking from from Sant Antoni along the promenade. The beach is in an area with many hotels and apartments which makes it a beach with a high occupancy level

The beach is equipped with all the facilities to enjoy a perfect day at the beach, there is rental of sun loungers and deck chairs, lifeguard, showers, restaurants and water sports can be practiced. This beach which is surrounded by rocks, is a good place for those who enjoy diving with tube.



Es Caló des Moro Beach is located just after the Rocky area of Ses Variades. Between the breakwater and the Playa Es Calo des Moro, a few meters from here, you will find the famous bars and premises where people are comfortably installed to see the sunset, the most famous of them all is the Café del Mar, which has made legendary place by livening up the landscape with relaxing chill-out music sessions. The sunsets from Es Caló des Moro Beach are really beautiful and it is probably one of the most photographed images of sunsets in the world.


Small beach calo des Moro in San Antoni
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Information about Caló des Moro


Type of beach
Lenght: 80m
Widht: 25 m
Type of sand: arena fina
Type of beach: Familly beach

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Situation: San Antoni city centre