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Castilnovo Beach

This is another main beach of Conil de la Frontera, and one of the last unspoiled beaches on the Peninsula. Departing from Conil, it is the first beach you will find before reaching Palmar, bounded at the other end by the Salado River, which can be accessed via highway, or through a bridge.



Castilnovo beach is almost 3 kilometres long, over 170 metres wide and still completely unspoilt.This beach, located near the mouth of the Rio Salado, owes its name to the watchtower overlooking the beach, where people formerly guarded the coast to prevent pirate attacks.




It is a virgin, isolated and underserved beach, so if you plan to visit, do not forget to bring enough food and drink. Its beauty lies in its 2500m sand remains wild and natural ideal for lovers of tranquility. Because of its somewhat remote location and lack of facilities, Playa de Castilnovo never gets overcrowded. Even in July and August you will find plenty of space here.





Information about Castilnovo beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 2.600m
Widht: 180m.
Type of sand: Blanca y fina
More information: Main photo © Carlos Goethe