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Cortadura beach

Playa de Cortadura, an unspoiled beach in the city of Cádiz



A huge, unspoiled beach, which lies between the township of San Fernando and the town of Cadiz. It has the feature of being located in an area without buildings, which added to the large size of the beach, make it the quieter and less visited than the capital.




A sand tongue of 3.9 km long where, during weekdays, one feels almost alone, although it’s often crowded on weekends, especially during the month of August. The isolation of the beach and the few facilities that it has, calls for people to go to the beach with their coolers, drinks, food and everything they need to spend all day enjoying the sun and sea.


Cortadura beach, Cadiz


The beach has a great big group of dunes of high biological value, consisting of a primary and a secondary dune. Throughout the entire dune system there are several gateways that reach the beach from the parking area, of which only three are high enough to prevent bathers from causing damage to this system.
At its closest area to Cadiz, there is a beach stretch where there are good waves and is frequented by lovers of surfing.


Beautifull Sunset in Cortadura beach, Cadiz


Information about Cortadura beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 3900m
Widht: 60 m
Type of Sand : fine sand
Type of beach: Familly beach
More information:

Today Cortadura beach, specifically the beach area known as “La Gallega” is nudist category. In the rest of the beaches nudism is not allowed. Courtesy : ©

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