Es Cavallet beach

Es Cavallet is a great tongue of fine white sand lapped by turquoise waters south of the island of Ibiza, located in the Natural Park of Ses Salines. The beach is famous because it pioneered the nudist tourism on the island and today it is a haven for gay and nudist tourism in Ibiza.



Being situated in the natural park highlights the absence of buildings (only some seamanship old huts) and at the background it features a group of islets giving way to Formentera, undoubtedly, a beautiful natural setting that will leave you with your mouth open. On the beach you will find several well acclimated bars to quench your thirst.


Es Cavallet beach in Sant Josep, Ibiza


Es Cavallet nudist beach

It is very common to see people practicing nudism at this beach, though the busiest nudist in the farthest area is concentrated at the end of the beach from the parking, in the southern area. It is there where Torre de Ses Portes and where there is a large gay scene, especially around the Chiringay pool bar. Undoubtedly one of the favorites spots for gay tourism to enjoy the sun, good music, delicious food, a fabulous atmosphere in a unique setting facing the turquoise waters of Es Cavallet.


Es-Cavallet-beach-club-in-Ibiza© David Seem from London


Wild and natural, backed by sand dunes and a little green belt of shade and hills, Es Cavallet feels private. Best viewed when the east wind blows creating large waves that the windsurfers love, whilst the rolling dunes and very broad sandy beach are perfect for beach strolls in the off season.





How to get to the beach Es Cavallet ?

You can reach it by car always taking reference from the airport; on the outskirts of Sant Jordi, take the detour to the left towards the Canal; following this road until you have crossed the 3 km detour to take is Cavallet, it’s easy to find it since it is perfectly suited.



Information about Playa Es Cavallets:

Type of beahc
Lenght: 1100m
Widht: 30m
Type of sand: Fine and white sand
More information
Playa Naturista
Sitation. At the south of the island, aprox. 9 km from Ibiza