Levante beach

You will fall in love with its fine sand and crystal clear waters having the beautiful Peñón de Ifach as a backdrop.

Levante beach in Calpe

Levante beach is a quiet beach town with a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. It is the most important and the most popular beach of Calpe, it is located in the north and is just over a kilometer in length; along the entire beach is a beautiful promenade with lots of shops, terraces, bars and restaurants becoming, during the summer, in one of the liveliest places in the city, and is also very close to the natural environment of Las Salinas de Calpe.


Levante beach panoramic view in Calpe


Here you will find all the amenities for a great day at the beach. The beach has boardwalks, a tourist information center, bus stop, rescue equipment, public toilets, showers and foot showers, changing rooms and a tent with wooden floors. In the summer there is also a WC for people with reduced mobility. Some summer nights Levante Beach also becomes an outdoor cinema. For all these services, its cleanness and its waters as well as the beauty of the place, it was awarded with the Blue Flag of the EU.
Enjoy fantastic views of the Playa de Levante in real time through a webcam placed on the beach by the Ayuntamiento de Calpe.



Information about Levante beach

Tipe of beach
Lenght: 950m
Widht: 40 m
Tipe of sand: arena gruesa
Tipe of beach: Familiar
Location: North of the rock of Ifach in the vicinity of las Salinas



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