Marina de la Torre beach

The beach is opposite the former palace of the Marina next to the protected area of the lagoon, habitat for hundreds of aquatic and underwater species, and next to a fantastic golf course of 18 holes of Mojacar on the Costa de Almería.

playas marina de la torre beach

It is the first beach we find in the town of Mojacar and is located next to the protected lagoon area of the Aguas rivers.
The Playa Marina de la Torre is a semi-urban beach 1900m long and 20m wide. The sand is medium-grained and dark in color. It has good services so the average occupancy level is high but it is not a crowded beach. It has been awarded the EU Blue Flag.
Its waters are crystal clear, ideal for diving and observing small minnows.

The beach has parking, a lifeguard and a watchtower, beach bar, disabled facilities, access gateways, rent of chairs and umbrellas, toilets, showers, water sports and playgrounds, generally, very good services available.Being surrounded by nature, the Playa Marina de la Torre has characteristics of a natural beach despite being a semi-urban and very accessible beach.


marina de la torre beach in Mojacar



Information about Marina de la Torre beach:

Tipe of beach
Lebght: 1900m
Tipe of sand:Arena fina y blanca
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Location gps: +37.16250539941101 -1. 814117431640625: