Metropolitan park Marisma de los Toruños

In the Bay of Cadiz, we find one of the largest and most important natural parks of Andalucía

Natural Park Los-Toruños,-Puerto-de-Santa-Maria


Parque Metropolitano Marisma de los Toruños hosts many important ecosystems such as salt marshes, beaches and sandbanks, which constitute a biodiversity reserve that serves as the habitat for thousands of species of birds, which some of them are endangered.



Natural Park Los Toruños in Puerto de Santa Maria (3)


It is the most extensive natural park of the Iberian Peninsula possessing these features; a beautiful park comprising a wide variety of beaches, marshes, pine forests and pristine beaches. With its extension of 10,000 hectares and a network of trails of over 30 km you can do sports, walk, run and ride a bicycle, always accompanied by an astounding sea view. A real treat for the senses.


Information about Natural Park Marisma de los Toruños

Direction: Casa de Los Toruños Avda. del Mar, 7
Telephone: 856 580 524
Info: Foto cedida por: © Constantino Gonzales Mariñas