Playa de L’Estartit

Thanks to the sand waste of the river and the "Garbi" breakwater of the port, on the beach of l'Estartit we can enjoy this huge sandbank that is the main beach of the population.

The Playa grande de L’Estartit is a long beach 3.5km long and 100m wide and is divided into three very different sectors:


The Playa Larga o Central 1km in length is located in the center of L’Estartitand holds a waterfront where there are plenty of places to eat and drink. For its environmental management and the quality of services, this beach has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union. Here we find watchtowers, a sun lounger rental, disabled access, toilets, water sports, etc. so the occupancy of this beach is high. And perhaps the most striking of this beach are its spectacular views of the Medes Islands, located just in front just 1 nautical mile.


L'estartit main beach


Playa del Griells 500m in length, is located between the Griells urbanization and the mouth of the Ter river, it is a very nice beach where you can stroll through the surrounding natural environment. It has an occupancy rate lower than its neighboring Playa Larga, but also has good facilities such as showers, toilets, beach bars and parking, is often visited by families with children staying in houses or apartments.




Playa de la Pletera, larger than the previous one with 1.8km in length and is the quietest, without homes or buildings, this is a place of great beauty in a totally natural environment. It also has a delimited area where dogs are allowed, there is also a bar and you can go kite-surfing.
La Playa grande de l’Estartit is one of the most visited by families as it is located next to the city center and is easy to reachif we are in one of the apartments near the sea there throughout the entire area.



Information about the main beach of l’Estartit:

Type of beach
Lenght: 3.5 km
Type of sand:Arena fina y blanca
More information
Location: l’Estartit city centre
Type of beach:Urban beach