Puerto de Andratx

This beautiful and picturesque natural harbour to the South of the island of Mallorca in a few years has become one of the most important and exclusive resorts on the island that combines a paradisiacal beach, good restaurants, luxury boats, shopping and nightlife. Some of the most renowned catering establishments of the island are located in this beautiful place.

Port of Andrach

Puerto de Andratx is a small village located on the coast, 4 km from Andratx. This place has become a tourist and first class resort in a few years because of the attractiveness of a small traditional village, with a natural harbor considered one of the most beautiful in our country.


Puerto de Adraxt aereal view
The population is outside the circuits of mass tourism but has developed a hotel and rental houses, which is very important around this port’s infrastructure, creating a unique atmosphere with a wide range of luxury shops, restaurants and nightlife. In recent years the visits of famous people such as top models and Hollywood actors has promoted the reputation of this exclusive destination internationally, but this has not been by chance; that the beauty of the place is unique.

The port and its promenade area is really lively, with numerous luxury boats moored there under a cosmopolitan atmosphere with numerous restaurants, gift shops and bars in a relaxed atmosphere.

Around the port of Andratx there are more than 24 beaches,  as Cala Moragues Cala Egos and Cala D’Llamp. You can get to Port of Andratx from the island of Dragonera by boat.



Beutifull terrasses infront of the beach at the port of Andrach


Luxury boats tied at the Port Of Andrach


Seafaring tradition in Puerto de Andratx

In Puerto de Andratx you can enjoy the fish market at the port, and you can observe the daily life of fishermen, their arrival at sunset, watch as they unload their fishing load and organize the fish auction. If you like sailing or practicing any water sport, then head to the Club de Vela de Andratx  and have a drink or eat at their beautiful restaurant located in a unique setting with amazing views, it will be an amazing culinary experience.


Beautifull image of the Port Of Andrach


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