Royal Hospital of Xativa

One of the most beautiful and interesting buildings of Xátiva

Royal Hospital of Xativa

Although there is no founding document of the Royal Hospital of Xativa, it is known that King James I after the Reconquest, began a repopulation period. In 1238, he made donations to the paupers’ hospital of Xativa, which had been a former Almohad hospital. After this, there is no record of any document referring to the old hospital until 1418, when Alfonso V the Magnanimous granted authorization to receive salaries and alms so that, under his administration, the Hospital for the poor could be built.


Frontal Façade of the Royal Hospital of Xativa


Located opposite the collegiate church, the Royal Hospital is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monuments of the city. Later, it was expanded in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, showing a clear example of Valencian architecture of the XVI century with a fusion of Gothic and Renaissance styles.


The oldest part of the building is the chapel. It was built in the mid XV century, with an interior starry vault, keys and polychromed corbels, and a facade of ogee arches with pinnacles, and gables. One of the most interesting elements is the choir of angels musicians who accompany the Virgin with the Child.


In 1707, the hospital suffered a serious fire in which seriously affected all the insides but was quickly rebuilt. Royal Hospital provided medical assistance and shelter to the pilgrims and people in need for more than 5 centuries. In 1984, the hospital was closed to restore the building completely. It was adapted to the current needs of Hospital Lluís, the health center installed in this landmark building.



Information about the Royal Hospital of Xativa

Adress: Plaza Calixto III, Xativa
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