Royal Palace of Almudaina

The Alcázar Real de Mallorca, called the Almudaina, next to the Cathedral of Palma, is one of the most beautiful and emblematic buildings of the city

Royal Palace of Almudaina frontal Façade

Its name means ciudadela fuera de la muralla (citadel outside the walls) and is located near the Cathedral of Palma by the sea; we find this great national monument that is now the residence of the kings of Spain when they travel to Mallorca and it receptions and official events are organized. A essential visit if you are in Palma de Mallorca, located next to the spectacular Cathedral of Palma and the beautiful Parc de la Mar Park.


Almudaina Royal Palace main façade


Royal bedrooms inside the Almudaina palace in Palma de Mallorca


This building has its origins in the Roman Empire and later in the twelfth century. When Muslims ruled on the island they began to build here the quarterdeck, but it was not until the fourteenth century when it underwent its greatest transformation by King James II that would make it a symbol of the Christian re-conquest and seat of thriving independent kingdom of Mallorca during the reigns of Jaime II, Sancho I and Jaime III, until it became, in times of Pedro IV, to the crown of Aragon. The Palacio Real de la Almudaina is the result of evolution and the different modifications from the Muslim fortress that was abandoned in 1229.

It is a square building with very high walls and 14 defensive towers. It highlights the buildings of Palacio Real, el Palacio de la Reina, la Capilla del Rey o la Capilla de San Jaime, also the courtyard of the King with his soothing fountains and Moorish baths, which are all interesting points of this magnificent work of architecture. Inside the Palace highlights tapestries and ancient furniture.

El Palacio Real de la Almudaina is located opposite the Cathedral of Palma and together form the most beautiful and emblematic architectural ensemble of the island.


Old walls and tower of Royal Palace of Almudaina



Information about Almudaina Royal Palace

Adress: Calle Palau Reial, s/n.- Palma Mallorca, Baleares
Telephone: 971 72 73 37
Timetable: Summer from 10:00h to 20:00h
Price: 7.- € and 4€