Sant Martíd’Empuries

You cannot miss a visit to this beautiful and tiny medieval village on the Costa Brava. Walk the coastal road from L'Escala and enjoy the beautiful scenery plus stunning views.

Sant Marti d'empuries narrow and old streets

This medieval small picturesque village located in the center of the Costa Brava, belongs to the municipality of L’Escala and is where the latter population originated because here, was where they established their first Greek colony in the fourth century B.C. So, it is heir to the ancient city Empurion, which would form SantMartíd’Empuries in the eighteenth century by decisions of the Christian Church. The irrefutable proof of origin is to be found in the archaeological site of Ampuriasis located just 200m from the village.


Sant marti d'empuries aereal view




Here, we will find Playa del Riuetand Playa del Moll grec. In 2009, they were registered in SantMartíd’Empuries with only 61 inhabitants but apparently because there are only 15 people still living there all year.

It is a very small town where there are not more than 5 winding streets with beautiful stone houses and two squaresof which we highlight the Plaza Mayor which is where we find the Church of SantMartí that originates in a temple of the ninth century, but the church we see today was built in 1507. You can visit Casa Forestal that is the headquarters of the FundaciónIberia Gracea and the original walls of the Medievo that surrounded the city.








Another cool spot to visit on the way to Sant Martíd’Empúries

We recommend getting here by walking down the Paseo d’Empúries connecting SantMartíd’Empuries with the center of L’Escala. So, we can finish a lovely walk of 2.5km, enjoying a unique landscape of the Mediterranean, with a visit to the medieval village where we can walk slowly by moving in time and get lunch or dinner at any of the restaurants in the Plaza Mayor. There are also several cycling routes to get a bike. Tt doesn’t matter how you get there; it undoubtedly will be one of the visits you will not forget.





Photos by: © Fotero