Santa Catalina beach

Playa de Santa Catalina features an area of 3 km and is, next to Playa de Valdelagrana, the longest of the town.



Santa Catalina beach in puerto de Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina beach


It borders the Fuentebravía beaches at one end and Playa de La Calita on the other. The beach is also popularly called Vistahermosa or El Buzo, Cangrejo Rojo, Las Redes and El Ancla, due to the urban areas in which is located. In its northern third, a sandy slope, covered with a diverse type of vegetation rises up to 40 meters from the beach to the urbanized area, offering an amazing landscape.
In its middle section is located Pinar de Mochicle, a perfect example of an active dune system extending from the beach to the forest mass.
This is a very popular and crowded beach, its crystal clear waters and fine sand attracts thousands of tourists each year.


Information about Santa Catalina beach

Type of beahc
Lenght: 2000m
With: 60 m
Type of sand: arena fina y dorada
Type of beach: Family beach
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