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Santa Catalina Castle

In 1596, the Dutch troops, commanded by the Earl of Essex, destroyed the city of Cadiz. That's when King Philip II ordered the construction of this massive fort next to the beach of La Caleta.

Santa Catalina Castle, Cadiz




Considered the oldest building in Cadiz, this fortress has a three-pointed star shape. To enter it, people had to pass through a drawbridge, while the walls and bastions closed its perimeter. Once inside, the irregular plant courtyard was opened, which led to the various departments of the castle, the chapel and stores. Currently, it is used for conducting cultural events of all kinds. The visit to the castle and its exhibitions are free, and last for about one hour.



Information about Santa Catalina Castle

Direction: Castillo de Santa Catalina – Paseo Playa de La Caleta – Antonio Burgos s/n
Telephone: 956 226 333
Timetable: From Monday to Sunday to 11.00 to 19.30 horas. Summer from Monday to Sunday from 11.00 to 20.30 horas.
Price: To consult