Santa Eulalia beach

One of the biggest attractions in Santa Eulalia del Rio, is, without doubt, the urban beach that runs parallel to the coast between Santa Eulalia River and the marina.



Playa Santa Eulalia is the beach in the center of town and has a fine golden tongue sand of 360m, with calm and transparent waters. The beach stretches from Club Náutico to the mouth of the river and has a beautiful landscaped promenade with many shops, terraces and many restaurants creating a fabulous summer evening atmosphere.




Located in the center of the urban core with the same name, 4 km from Santa Eulalia, it is surrounded by a beautiful promenade with many lively terraces, bars and restaurants. The beach is about 360m in length and has several services as well as a multitude of possibilities for water sports, scuba diving, kayaking, etc …

Of course that does not have the beauty of other coves on the island but it compensates with the environment and with the many services offered. It has good facilities such as WC, showers, disabled walkways, rent chairs, water sports and more.




Santa Eulalia del Rio main beach


How to get to Santa Eulalia beach ?

Platja de Santa Eulalia is located on the edge of the promenade in the town, between the Marina and the Siesta Urbanization. To access it the easiest is to go to the center of town and down to the coast by the Passeig de S’Alamera.




Information about Santa Eulalia del Rio beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 600m
Anchura: 30 m
Type of sand:fine sand
Type of beach: Familly beach
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