Santa María square

Plaza is also popularly called "Plaza de las ranitas" because the fountain located in the middle of the square has 8 ceramic frogs which are a replica of another very important square in Seville.


Plaza de Santa María is one of the most emblematic squares of the city and is situated in the heart of Tarifa, in the oldest area near Catillo de Guzman el Bueno. To reach Plaza de Santa Maria you have to walk through winding but charming streets.




The square is surrounded by old, relevant buildings such as Casa del Pósito, which was a former grain warehouse. You will also find the Town Hall, with its white Moorish Revival-style facade, the Library of the town, the Museum of Tarifa, which is a beautiful building with a hip roofand of course, Iglesia de Santa María, built in the 13th century on an Islamic mosque with a neoclassical facade.

It is a very lively square, there are always children playing, groups of seated people chatting in the cool shade of the trees or in the secluded garden Fuente de las Ranitas, which, especially in summer and at sunset, becomes a nice meeting point for the tarifeños.

It is a beautiful spot to sit on a bench and take in the energy of the city.


Fountain Las ranitas in Santa Maria square in Tarifa