Talamanca beach

Talamanca beach is the last beach in Ibiza town , located 2 km from the center of Ibiza towards the north, is the fourth largest island beach

empty talamanca beach in Ibiza town


The beach has an area of about 1 km in length which is not very common on the island of Ibiza, since the vast majority of its beaches are small coves , so the Talamanca beach is perfect for long walks shore. The sand is fine and calm waters , so it is one of the most popular beaches for families and for the people of Ibiza and Jesus arriving there on foot. From the beach you have a nice view of the old town of Ibiza walled.
Talamanca beach has good equipment , you can enjoy water sports, there are showers , lifeguard service and is adapted for the disabled , as well as bars to cool off or eat something. There is also a small pier area with ramp for those who want their boat down there .
Sometimes the currents carry there remains of algae that cloud the water , if that happens, from there you can walk to Sa Punta , on the left side of the beach where there are very nice and clean waters for swimming and for snorkel . In recent years the beach of Talamanca has become an important and popular beach and have built a large number of hotels and tourist accommodation around


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Nature next to Talamanca beach

One of the attractions of the place is the area of moisture protected called Ses Feixes almost 40 hectares and of great landscape value that extends after the Talamanca beach, where you can do a nice walk in the countryside, observing birds and vegetation, here was the most fertile soil of the island, so it was full of cultivation parcels separated by a succession of beautiful whitewashed arches which have been preserved up to our days.


Cristaline water in Talamanca beach , Ibiza town


How to Get to Playa de Talamanca?

Getting to this beach is very simple, as we can take a nice walk from Ibiza in about 20 or 25 minutes. By car, the journey is also very simple and quick, take the Avenida 8 de Agosto to Talamanca and it will take you no more than 7-8 minutes depending on traffic.


Information about Talamanca beach


Type of beach
Lenght: 2500m
Widht: 40 m
Type of sand: Fine sand
Type of beach: Familly beach
More information
Promenade: No
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