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The 10 essential tourist spots of Cadiz


Being called “La tacita de plata” (the silver cup) Cadiz is a lively and historic city with over 3000 years of history, and for centuries it was an unconquerable city. Discover our selection and prepare your suitcase because you will want to visit this place right away.



Main Facade Cadiz Cathedral at nightCatedral de Cádiz

Catedral Nueva, as the gaditanos call it, is located in the old town by the sea, and its towers are visible from almost anywhere in the city. A beautiful cathedral of baroque and neoclassical styles which keeps inside an interesting crypt where many famous gaditanos are buried.


Inside the famous building Oratorio de San FelipeOratorio San Felipe Neri “La Pepa”

In the old town, we find this beautiful baroque building built in 1685, whose interior walls witnessed one of the most important moments of our country. While Spain was besieged by the French, inside the Oratory of San Felipe, the seat of Parliament, the first Spanish Constitution of 1812 was devised and signed.


Terrasses in old town CadizTapeo at Barrio el Pópulo

You cannot miss paying a visit to the neighborhood of Pópulo, the most beautiful and lively in the city. Its narrow streets and intricate passages hide many bars and taverns where you can go out and enjoy some tapas, as well as the fun gaditana night.


San Sebastian Castle in CadizA walk through Castillo de San Sebastián

Undoubtedly, the best part of the visit to Castillo de San Sebastián is reaching it. It’s a real pleasure to walk through the pier while the image of the castle and the city, with its historic buildings and towers as a backdrop, appears little by little. Do not miss the opportunity to take this walk in the afternoon and enjoy a beautiful sunset.


Tavira Tower in CadizTorre Tavira and Cámara Oscura

At the height of the city of Cadiz in the eighteenth century, there were 160 watchtowers that allowed traders to scan the horizon controlling the ships entering and leaving the port loaded with goods. As of today, there remains 116 of which the highest is the Torre Tavira. The tower keeps a surprise for visitors: Cámara Oscura. An odd system of mirrors reflecting the exterior of the tower in real time inside the building.


people shoping in Abastos marketMercado Abastos

You cannot miss paying a visit to the Abastos market. The city markets are always the perfect place to soak up the local atmosphere and have unforgettable experiences. The Abastos market in Cádiz is no different; it is a traditional and authentic market with lots of stands and a cheerful and lively atmosphere.


Inside the Genoves ParkParque Génova

The lack of space in the city has made no room for gardens or public parks. For that reason, Parque Génova takes on a greater prominence. A beautiful park with palm trees, lakes, fountains and waterfalls brought from every corner of the planet becomes the perfect place to relax and escape the everyday bustle of the city.


Beautifull La Caleta beach in Cadiz old townPlaya la Caleta

We cannot leave Cadiz without stepping onto the only beach in the old town. Surely, there are better beaches in Cadiz for sunbathing, but none of them has the atmosphere of la Caleta. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset, walk or eat at some of the restaurants. A beach that despite being quite crowded, still keeps a special charm.


Santa Catalina Castle, CadizCastillo Santa Catalina

A nice stop on our visit to Cadiz is the Castillo de Santa Catalina, an unconquerable star shaped fortress at the seashore whose interior is reminiscent of an American fort, featuring a central square, different rooms and a beautiful chapel. A nice visit that you can take any day. Its rooms host numerous exhibitions and cultural performances.


Inside the Archaeological-site-Gadir-in-CadizYacimiento arqueológico Gadir

An essential place to visit to know about the history of the city of Cadiz. Located near Mercado de las Flores, you will find this building that shares rooms with Museo de los Títeres. Here, you will find the oldest archaeological remains of the western Mediterranean, with 2 blocks and eight houses belonging to the ancient Phoenician city, as well as human remains and exhibitions.