Vara del Rey promenade

Considered by many the center of the city of Ibiza, this long walk concentrates a large number of shops and historic buildings.



Outside the walls we find this landmark neighborhood near the port, and it is the most modern part of the city of Ibiza. Paseo de Vara del Rey, also popularly known as S’Alamera, is a central walk of about 300m long surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings, featuring a large number of shops, bars, terraces and restaurants.

In Paseo de Vara de Rey we find everything from big brandclothing stores, small and charming classic shops like barber shops, bakeries, groceries or perfumeries.But one of the things that attracts our attention is the architecture of its colonial buildings like the Tourist Office of the city.


vara del rey promenade


It is considered by many the very heart of Ibiza, the true urban center point between the Port, Barrio de la Marina and the modern part of the city.It is also the meeting place for tourists and local people, full of terraces and historic buildings which give a magical air to the place. Along the walk, we can find large trees, whose shade is welcomed in the summer months. In Paseo Vara del Rey, various events are held throughout the year like fairs, concerts, festivals, including Jazz festivals. The ideal thing to do is sit on one of the stone benches and watch the comings and goings of people moving through the city.


old buidings in vara del rey promenade


In the center of the promenade lies the monument to General Joaquín Vara de Rey, who lived in Ibiza and was a war hero who fought to defend the Fortin de Viso at the Battle of Caney. He also fought in the War of Independence of Cuba against the Americans, where despite being wounded, helped many of his men before being finally executed. In the same battle they killed two of his sons. The Spanish people wanted to pay tribute with this beautiful monument staging a picture of the battle. Thanks to many donations it was achieved and was erected in 1904. Link: .html