The non-touristic Menorca

Menorca is a slice of paradise. Its pristine beaches, surrounded by pine trees or cliffs, attest to this, as well as its varied landscapes and the feeling of calm one gets when walking around.

To get deeper into the non-touristic Menorca, the ideal thing is to get away from the larger cities such as Citadel or Mahon, going to the small towns, as the inland and fishing ones retain their charm.

One of the most convenient ways to get around the island is to travel by car. The maximum distance between its two remotest points does not exceed 50 kilometers, so if you want you get away from the popular routes, you can also enjoy cycling, walking or riding. You’ll see that riding is very popular in Menorca!

Natural Park S’Albufera d’Es Grau

The Natural Park S’Albufera d’Es Grau is one of the most attractive to get in touch with nature and discover the ecological wealth of the island. This is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and is a refuge for many aquatic birds.


By Nicolas Mertens – CC BY 2.5 es

Prehistoric Monuments

If you prefer history, Menorca will not disappoint you. In several parts of the island you will find sites featuring prehistoric monuments that bear witness to the ancient Talayotic culture. Among the highlights are the Naveta des Tudons, Torretrencada, the ruins of Trepucó or the village of Torre d’en Galmés.

Naveta es tudons in Ciutadella Menorca

Es Castell

Following the tour of the past, but beyond prehistory, do not miss the Molino de Sant Lluís or the English colonial buildings in Es Castell.

es castell


Also it is worth paying a visit to the quarries from which for centuries has been extracted the stone used in all these constructions. The sandstone is the typical limestone of Menorca and the landscapes that have remained in the quarries after the extractions are interesting to visit. For example, check the quarries of Santa Ponça or S’Hostal.


For decades, Menorca has been a destination loved by diving enthusiasts. Do you dare to see the richness of its seabed with your own eyes? You will find dive centers throughout the island, especially in Ciudadela and Fornells. Surely, after seeing it from the depths, Menorca is not going to look the same for you!

estrellas de mar

By Watersportsincancun CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0