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Plaza de España or Plaza del Pescaito in Vejer

Plaza de España, as they call it, Plaza del “pescaíto”, was named for the source of Sevillian tiles that were used in its construction.

España Square in Vejer de la Frontera


Undoubtedly, Vejer is one of the places with a lot of charm and one of the most appealing squares of Cadiz. The origins of the square date back to the 16th century, when the city exceeded the walled enclosure.

During your visit to Vejer, all the steps lead you unequivocally to Plaza de España, surrounded by whitewashed houses and dotted with palm trees. This is where you will be able to take in the true energy of the town. This is a meeting place where neighbors sit around its beautiful fountain to rest or chat under the Andalusian sun.




It is also the ideal place to make a stop to quench your thirst or eat something in one of its restaurants. Vejer gastronomy is a mix of Arab and Christian influences where you can taste delicious retinto meat, a variety of seafood, and of course, typical Andalusian dishes.


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