Alcudia Old Town

Taking a walk through the pedestrianized Old Town of this magnificent walled city is time traveling. You just have to walk and wander through the narrow cobbled streets riddled with historic buildings, stately homes and churches that preserve all the charm of yesteryear.

Alcudia panoramic view

Alcudia its one of the main touristic centres located in the north of Mallorca. The first thing will call your attention of the Old Town of Alcudia is how well it has been preserved over the centuries around the walled enclosure. It is very well preserved with houses dating back to the 13th century.

When you are in route by the Center historic of Alcudia it’s easy to feel like you have taken a journey back in time when, from the time Roman until the century XXI. Alcudia has a real treasure, a historic center that is worth discovering step by step.


Old walls of Alcudia


What to see in the Old Town

If you decide to cross the entrance arch, you can enjoy the history of the place in the form of buildings, first you will see the great defensive wall around the city, with more than 1 km long and 6m high with 3 access doors distributed strategically, which are: la Porta Del Moll, Porta de Mallorca and Porta de La Vila Roja and was raised by king James II in the fourteenth century to protect this population strategically located on the coast which was highly exposed to attacks from enemies including pirates and privateers who pillaged Mediterranean populations and kidnapped its inhabitants enslave them.


Alcudia old town and narrow streets


During the tour, you’ll enjoy the fantastic facades of Renaissance-style mansions that belonged to wealthy old families of Mallorca, all elegantly decorated with family crests and other colorful decorations. Do not miss the visit Iglesia de Sant Jaume and its museum that was once part of the same wall.

The old town is full of terraces, cafés, and shops of all kinds where you can breathe the true spirit of Mallorca, with a quiet pace of life which is typical of the Balearic Island. We recommend visiting it during daytime not to miss any detail and appreciate its beauty and on a second occasion, visit at night because the lighting still gives a charming Mediterranean flair, there are fewer people, it is cooler and you can dinner in one of his many terraces.


Alcudia old buidinds photo collage


Market in the old town of Alcudia

If you are in Alcudia don’t miss  the weekly market  which is held on Tuesdays and Sundays. Walking  through Alcudia market you will find all kinds  typically Majorcan products, fresh, processed products and handcrafts. This is also a good opportunity to live an experience  like a local  and learn a little more about their customs and culture


Weekly Alcudia Market under the old walls
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