Almadrava beach

Its name comes from the traditional fishing system (called almadraba) of the prized atún rojo that was employed in these shores.


Almadrava beach is a semi-urban and extensive beach, with 2,900m. in length, where fine sand alternates with boulders. Punta de la Almadraba divides this long beach in two coves with clear water. It is a beach frequented by families and occupancy is usually medium or low, it is an ideal spot for those seeking tranquility.

His name is given by the traditional system of fishing (called almadraba) so prized bluefin tuna that was practiced on these shores.


Almadrava beach


By its rocky bottoms and clear waters, Almadrava beach is especially valued by divers and generally for lovers of water sports by its frequent Lebeche wind that usually blows at sunset on summer days, where lots of young people show up to practice windsurfing or kite-surfing.
For the quality of its waters, cleanliness and services, Almadrava beach has been awarded the EU Blue Flag.


Information about Almadrava beach:

Tipe of beach
Lenght: 2.9 km
Tipe of beach:Fine sand
More information
Situation: Located around 9 km from Denia



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