Punta del Raset beach

Playa Punta del Raset is located in the northern part of Denia and is the continuation of the Les Marines area to the south.

Punta del Raset

Punta del Raset beach is protected from winds by the dock in the harbor, where the Yacht Club and marina is located, so its fine sand and little waves make it ideal for enjoying with family and kids.


Beautifull Punta del Rasets beach in Denia


The beach has good services, such showers and footbaths, snack bar, rent hammocks and parasols, wooden walkways and the possibility to rent skates, canoes, beach volleyball, parking and a bus stop. It also has monitoring service. Due to its proximity to the center, it usually has a high occupancy.

For the quality of its waters, cleanliness and good service, Punta del Raset Beach, has been awarded the Q for tourist quality.



Information about Punta del Raset beach:

Tipe of beach
Lenght: 600m
Tipe of sant:Fine sand
More information
Situation. Located 18 km from the south of Denia



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Punta del Raset beach

Punta del Raset beach

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