Altea Old town

The old town of Altea is one of the jewels of the Costa Blanca, its streets draw a labyrinth of immaculate white houses, filled with plants and colorful flowers, beautiful cobbled streets and staircases that give the place a nice Mediterranean flair.

Altea Old town narrow streets

Despite the great tourist and urban development of the east coast, Altea Old Town has maintained such an attractive appearance as before, and kept the magic that has always surrounded this part of the city. Despite being a busy place and visited by all tourists coming to Altea, it still breathes an air of peace and tranquility.


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🏰Free Tour in Altea, in which you will visit the most important part of the town for about 2 hours with a specialized guide in which you will only pay the tip if you feel like it, depending on how much you liked the tour.
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You can climb the old town of Altea from the Costera del Mestre de la Música which is a beautiful staircase that rises between whitewashed houses or through the Calle Pont de Moncauthat that take us to the Plaza de la Cruz, then you will have to cross the PortAll Vell and go up Calle Mayor which is full of craft stands and restaurants, until you reach the Plaza de la Iglesia and its viewpoint.




Tips on Accommodation in Altea

Don’t forget that it’s one of the most visited towns on the Costa Blanca.
Remember to book your accommodation in advance!

.🛏️ In the center of Altea and close to the beach, you have this charming little hotel that couldn’t be more enchanting.




The Altea Old Town is a place that holds a beautiful cultural heritage for discovering historic buildings, churches, museums and monuments. One of the most emblematic places of the old town is the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Consolation. Its two domes decorated with blue tiles are visible from almost anywhere in the city and is one of the most photographed images of this population, so please make a stop at one of the terraces of the square and enjoy this beautiful place.


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Throughout the tour you will enjoy numerous natural viewpoints where to enjoy a great view of the city, but the most important is the Mirador de Cronistas located on the top, next to the church.




What to do in Altea Old Town

Strolling and wandering through the Altea Old Town is a pleasure. Here you will find many restaurants with all kinds of cuisine, but do not forget to taste the great dishes of the area, and have a look at the countless shops and craft stands and find a nice souvenir of Altea.


Enjoy this beautiful video of Altea, Calpe and Alfas del Pi.


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