Bolonia beach

Playa de Bolonia is a must see in Tarifa and one of the last unspoiled beaches of the Peninsula. His great dune moves slowly engulfing everything in its path under the watchful eye of Baelo Claudia Archaeological Site

Bolonia beach and big dune in Tarifa


It is a large sandbank four kilometers long, bathed by crystal clear waters and a large dune on one end. It is located opposite the city of Tanger and borders Punta Camarinal and Punta Paloma.
It is a wild beach of such beauty that in 2015 it was named the 10th best beach in Europe and the second in Spain with the “Travellers Choice” award by TripAdvisor.


Archaeological site Baelo Claudi in Tarifa (3)


Bolonia Dune

The winds of Poniente and Levante have created a large dune in its western part of almost 30 meters high that buries the forest in its path. Suchdune (is this a name?) is extremely mobile, as the strong winds of Levante make the dune advance into the forests of pine trees. The dune is of such beauty and ecological importance that it was declared a Natural Monument in 2001.


Bolonia beach in Tarifa


Archaeological site Baelo Claudia

As if the striking beauty of the place was not enough, the beach also features the ruins of the Roman city Baelo Claudia, considered the most important archaeological and cultural enclave in all of Andalucía. The deposit was discovered in the early twentieth century and it is estimated that only 20% of it has been excavated, which gives us an idea of the enormous dimensions that the city of Baelo Claudia in Roman times had. Its proximity to Africa favored trade between the continents, and the wealth of fishing and salt led to the creation of the salting factory and production of the famous garum Roman sauce, a very expensive sauce, exclusively eaten by the upper classes that was made with fish entrails. This sauce was loved by the Romans. From this city, they distributed it to the entire Empire.






How to get to Bolonia beach?

It is a half an hour from Conil, past the junction of Facinas. The crossing to Bologna is approximately about 70.2 Km of Carretera Nacional 340 towards Tarifa.


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Information Bolonia beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 3.800 km
Widht: 60 m
Type of sand: Fine sand
Type of beach: Familly beach
More information

Bologna Beach is located in the town of Tarifa, in the region of Campo de Gibraltar in Andalucia, was declared a National Monument in 2001