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Cala Binidalí

In the south of the island, protected between rock cliffs and forest in an unspoiled environment, we find the tiny but beautiful Cala Binidalí

Cala Binidali beach in menorca


Cala Binidalí is 9 km from Mahón in the village of Sant Climent. The cause of it being uncrowded is that it is a cove with difficult access, so this is the typical beach that will delight those seeking tranquility of pristine and wild beaches.
Because of its size and that it is hidden, it is still a little crowded beach. But it’s really beautiful, and is not too shallow which makes it perfect to go with children.




It is a tiny cove, or calita, a coast relief of only 25m long, surrounded by vertical limestone cliffs that plunge abruptly into the sea. Its fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters which are typical from the south of Menorca, rocky bottoms and green vegetation surrounding it make this spot an ideal place to relax, enjoy the beauty of the place or snorkel and do underwater sports because there are rich seabeds where forests of Posidonia are indicative of the quality of its waters.
Over the cliffs, there is Urbanización Binidalí, a quiet tourist resort.


Turquois waters in Cala Binidali in south of Menorca


How to get to Cala Binidalí?
After passing through the town of SaintCliment, just follow the signs to Cala Binidalí. You can park your vehicle around, where the parking is free. To walk down on foot, you have to go down a slightly steep path.
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