Cala del Pino beach

If you like the naturist tourism, here you will find one of the best nudist beach on the Costa del Sol

cala del Pino beach in Nerja

Located very near the border with Granada, the Cala del Pino beach is a beautiful beach located in an environment natural wild and typically Mediterranean, in full heart of the Park Natural of cliffs of Maro.


Panoramic view Cala del Pino beach, Nerja


Cala del Pino beach is located in the village of Maro in the municipality of Nerja, province of Málaga. This beach is considered nudist although each one makes what wants without problems, here prevails above all the freedom. Cala del Pino of Maro is the best nudist beach near nerja.


This is a charming beach of about 350 m which combines rocks, sand and crystal-clear waters. The waters inCala de Pino beahc have been protected for several years, which let the seabed be full of wildlife and colorful fish; such a paradise for divers.


cala del Pino beach in Nerja


How to get to Cala del Pino beach:

This is hidden beach belonging to Nerja, which its inaccessibility makes it remain unspoiled. To reach the beach, you have to descend a precipitous path for about 10 minutes through a steep and a rather complicated path. Unlike other beaches like Playa de Cañuelo, there are no transports to take you to the beach, that’s why you have to think twice before coming to this beach with young children.
Departing from Nerja on the N-340, after Maro beach, you will find the marks leading to Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park and Cala del Pino. Then you have to park the car in a safe spot and walk about 200m. The most famous naturist beach in Nerja (Costa del Sol).


Cala del Pino beach information:


Beach type
Length: 350m
Width: 30 m
Type of sand: sand and stones
Type of beach: Family beach
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