Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella, a pearl of an island, a paradise of the Mediterranean and possibly the most beautiful and famous pristine beach on Menorca next to Cala Turqueta. It is a must for everyone that comes to Menorca.

Panoramic view Cala Macarella , boats and green forest with turquois waters


Cala Macarella is located in the south of Menorca, about 14 km south of Ciutadella next to Cala Macaralleta. It is a sea tongue that is surrounded by low cliffs where the intense green highlights dramatically combine with the turquoise blue waters.


Cala Macarella beach


With the arrival of good weather, Cala Macarella, this beautiful beach of fine white sand, usually features as a backdrop a fleet of small sailboats forming together an authentic picture postcard. There are good services, a rescuer and a small bar where you can drink or eat.


Collage photos Cala Macarella


Being such a nice beach and well equipped, it usually is quite busy in high season. If you feel that there are too many people, you can go to Cala Macarelleta, which is just a 5 minute walk and is less crowded, though be aware that there proliferates nudism, although there is absolutely no problem for not doing this practice: it is a beach where respect prevails. Ideally, go early in the morning to avoid parking problems and enjoy the beauty of this place without crowds, and later make a small excursion to the nearby beach.
We’re running out of adjectives to define this beach that you cannot miss.


Aereal view Cala Macarella in Menorca


How to get to Cala Macarella?

Sight to Cala Macarella

From Ciutadella, follow the signs to the southern beaches and in Hermita de Sant Joan de Misa, take the road to Cala Turqueta, and at about 4 km you will find two parkings in the cove: one is about a 15 minute walk and the other about 5 minutes.