Cala Salada beach

Cala Salada is a beautiful white sand beach lapped by turquoise waters that form along the neighboring Cala Saladeta one of the most beautiful corners of the island of Ibiza.

Cala Salada y Cala Saladeta


The cove is small but combines several areas of sand, gravel and stones. Plus, it has a bar where to quench your thirst, chairs and umbrellas to rent and to the left arethe casitas de varadero, where fishermen keep their small boats and fishing gear. Cala Salada is a film like beach that is a must seefor any trip to Ibiza.


Turquoise water in Cala Saladeta


In Cala Salada, as on almost all the beaches of San Antoni, you will enjoy a breathtaking sunset. At dusk, when the light begins to illuminate in an orange color, the small cove becomes a magical place, where the light is ideal for taking beautiful pictures to remind you of this moment for the rest of your life.

Although the beach features a parking area, it is advisable to arrive early as being such a popular beach, the parking area is filled quickly.




How to get to Cala Salada?

To reach Cala Salada, leave San Antonio towards Santa Inés and, after passing the velodrome, turn left on the indicated detour. This detour is in a curve with poor visibility, so you should exercise caution. The road continues in a slope downwards and with several bends to Punta Galera. Here you will find authorized parking in the shade of pine trees, with stairs descending to the beach. In high season you should arrive early in the morning to find a place for parking as it is a busy area.



Information about Cala Salada


Type of beach
Lenght: 100m
Widht: 25 m
Type of sand: arena fina
Type of beach: Familly beach

More information

Situation: Aprox. 4 km from San Antoni de Portmany