Calpe’s salt flats ~ Las Salinas

Near the city of Alicante is this haven of peace and tranquility where you can contemplate the nature and migratory birds that arrive each year to the Salinas de Calpe.

Calpe’s salt flats are located in the Comarca de la Marina Alta 60 km northeast of Alicante, in a marshland located near the city center, at the foot of Peñón de Ifach.

Formerly it was a saltwork although it has not been active since 1988. Salt was and still is a product in high demand by the large number of utilities besides culinary. During Roman times, every soldier was given a ration of salt for their own supply, curiously, that is the origin of the word salary.
At the time of the Roman Empire, the salt mines were already fully operational, and they produced and consumed large quantities of this product to flavor and preserve their food, basically fish and meat.


Calpe-sunset over las Salinas


For centuries the salt mines were the livelihood of many families with its operation until 1988 when it stopped working. In 1993 they were declared a maritime zone becoming a protected natural area.
Despite the proximity to downtown and the great pressure of the city and its planning, it remains a place of great natural wealth and habitat for hundreds of species of flora and fauna.


Panoramic views Las Salines in Calpe


Today the water inlet is artificially made through pumps and the grounds are maintained with a thin layer of water, which attracts more than 160 species of migratory birds among which we can name a large population of pink flamingos and storks among others. A rich but fragile ecosystem that we all should care about.

Enjoy relaxed of the Calpe’s salt flats

You can take a bike tour to observe them, but carefully, since it is a dirt road surrounded by trees, between stretches of orchards and native vegetation, there is also a walk with benches where you can sit easily to contemplate the nature and birds that live there. Indeed, a place where peace and tranquility prevails with nature.



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