Cañuelo beach

cañuelo beach , nerja

Situated on the border of Málaga with Granada, we found this lost paradise, surrounded by nature and bathed by crystal clear waters. Cañuelo beach is a little paradise in Nerja surrounded by cliffs and a myriad of pines ; this beach is one of the natural wonders that Nerja offers.



Playa del Cañuelo beach, Nerja

Enjoy Canuelo Beach in a totally natural environment

Located just 10 km from Nerja in the Natural Park of the Acantilados de Maro, Cañuelo beach is one of those beaches that will make you feel lucky for being in such charming place. It is a beach where you wish time froze forever so you can enjoy it endlessly.

It is usually quiet (except in August, where it’s impossible to find a quiet beach), partly because the terrain gets rugged, which makes it difficult to access it. Don’t expect to find fine sand here, as it is rather thick and dark but that does not detract one iota from its charm. Its main attraction are its wild surroundings. It is hidden among hills and deep green mountains that stand between the crystal clear waters. In one of these hills it is the Torre de Camarinal, a defensive tower built by Felipe II in the sixteenth century, from where you can see the beach in all its fullness.

The beach has a nice chiringuito where you can taste delicious dishes. It is managed by Francisco Ortega.


road to playa del Cañuelo beach in NerjaHow to get to Cañuelo Beach:

Accessing by car it’s not possible, but there is a minibus available which pick tourists up at the car park and takes them to the beach (price 2.- €). At the end of the ride, you will spot a hidden cove among the pines.





Cañuelo Beach information:


Beach type
Length: 800m
Width: 10 m
Type of sand: coarse sand
Type of beach: Calm, clear Family beach
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