Castell del rei / Castillo del Rey

At 492m above sea level on the Sierra de Tramontana we find this rocky castle that was the last stronghold of resistance to the troops of Jaime I of Aragon who invaded Mallorca in 1229

Panoramic view of the Castillo del Rey and his old walls in Pollensa

The Castillo del Rey is one of the three castles situated on rocky crags of the island, located in Valle Ternelles and with a height of 480m, it offers stunning views of Pollença, Alcudia and the bay.
This castle has a long history, although its origin is uncertain is believed that the Romans were the first to settle in this place and use it as fortification, and later passed to the hands of Muslims and later was conquered by King James I. In 1715 the castle was abandoned until today.


Bonita foto del antiguo castillo de Rey en Pollensa


We must say that Castillo del Rey now lacks a bit of restoration so it cannot access its interior, yet, if we love nature, this is a trip worth to do because we can enjoy exceptional views of the hills.
Hiking in the Castillo del Rey

There is a nice route through roads and trails of about 3 hours and a half on foot from Pollensa to the Castle through the private estate of Ternelles. This route is done with a hiking guide, and you have to ask permission to cross it, but there are several multi-adventure companies that organize such troups.


Stuning picture of The Castillo del Rey at the top of the cliffs in Pollensa