Castell de Nicolau

Located at the mouth of the harbor we find Castell de Sant Nicolau, built in the 17th century by the Spanish before the English occupation, in order to defend the port of Ciutadella.

Castell de Nicolau in Ciutadella de Menorca (4)


Prior to the construction of Castell, defense zones existed in the same place that reminds us that it is there that one of the most dramatic events suffered by the population of Menorca occurred. After several attacks on the island by the Turks, in 1558 they returned to make another attack, but this time even more bloody than the previous ones in which they devastated, burned and looted the city of Ciutadella, kidnapping survivors to take them to Ottoman territories afterwards; this fact is still remembered by the name of “año de la desgracia” and is still commemorated each year at a ceremony in front of Casa Consistorial (the Town Hall).




It was after these tragic events when it was decided to strengthen their defense, that is why today there are two watchtowers in Ciutadella, Castell de Sant Nicolau, built to defend the harbor and Castell de Sa Caleta, later built by the British to reinforce the protection against attacks by the French and Spanish.

The beautiful defense tower O Castell de Sant Nicolau has a single entrance with a rectangular door in which we find a bas-relief with the shield of the Kingdom of Aragon. Inside there is a spiral staircase to access the top of the tower with exceptional views of the harbor and city.

Surrounding the Sant Nicolas Cassell, we find the typical perimeter trench of eight meters wide and two meters deep, and to complete the typical image of the castle, it also features a drawbridge in front of the door.





Information about Castell de Sant Nicolau

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