Dalt Vila

There are few places in the Mediterranean as magical and historical as the walled city of Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site.



Dalt Vila is the name given to the city’s historic old town built in a large walled enclosure enjoying the title of World Heritage granted by the UNESCU in 1999. The fortress is heptagonal shaped and protected by seven defensive bastions.


Espectacular Ibiza city panoramic view from the top of Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila, Ibiza


Dalt Vila is accessed through 5 strategically placed portals along it,leading to a beautiful network of streets and cobblestone streets leading to the Cathedral of Dalt Vila. The main gateway to the city is called Portal de ses Taules, right next to the Mercat Velldonde, the drawbridge flanked by Roman statues.


Main entrance to Dalt Vila trought the Portal de Ses Taules in Ibiza city

Portal de Ses Taules, Dalt Vila


It welcomes us to the historic center, directly accessing the courtyard and then to the Plaça de laVila. Above, is the church and convent of Santo Domingo and Can Botino linked with Calle Pere Tur, Joan Roman and Carrer Major. Also on the way there are:Iglesia de Sant Cristòfol, Capilla de Sant Ciriac, Museo Puget, Paso Medieval de Sa Portella and Centro de Interpretación de la Ibiza Musulmana Madina Yabisa, in addition to many houses and palaces of the old high Ibicenca class.


Monastery -Santo-Domingo,-Dalt-Vila,-Ibiza

Santo Domingo Monastery


From here, the old town is a myriad of medieval streets and alleys, squares, museums, churches and magical places that breathe history on all four sides. A magical journey to get lost in and learnabout the history of the city, where we also find restaurants, art galleries and small craft shops that create a unique atmosphere both day and night. At the end of the road, we find Plaza de la Catedralwhich includes Palacio Episcopal Palace, the Cathedral and the Museum.


Narrow streets in Dalt Vila in Ibiza

Streets in Dalt Vila


From Plaza de la Universidad, you will enjoy extraordinary views of the city. For centuries, Ibiza has enjoyed a strategic location on the trade routes of the Mediterranean, which is why all the civilizations that have lived in it have had the need to protect and fortify its defense. From the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, to theMedieval and Renaissance eras, this labyrinthine city has grown and evolved to the present day.



Ibiza Cathedral, Dalt Vila