Denia Castle and Archeological Museum

Dominating the city on top of a small hill, the Castle of Denia has become a symbol of the city and also a handsome reminder of the town's historic importance when the Moors ruled this part of Spain.

Denia Castle and old walls

The Denia Castle is located on top of a small hill dominating the whole city and the Port of Denia. This place is one of the main attractions of the town.

If we go back to the Roman Empire, the port of Denia was already an important point of sea routes, because from here sailed boats with Iberians products to Rome. With the arrival of Muslims they would soon realize the strategic importance of the area and built a fortress on an ancient Roman settlement at the top of the mountain to protect the harbor entrance. At that time the city grew commercially and economically dramatically and Denia became the maritime center of reference in the Mediterranean. Finally, it passed into Christian hands and the castle remained in the possession of the crown.


Boats in Port of Denia and Castle


Upon entering the Castle of Denia you find La Porta de la Vila of the Muslim era and the Torre del Consell. Continuing our ascent and already inside the castle, we highlight the “Palau” and the esplanade of the “Governador” la Torre del “Baluart“, la punta del “Diamant” y el Archeological Museum. Near the esplanade of Governador are dependencies of the Archaeological Museum with a collection of pieces that show the history of the city.


Old walls of Denia Castle


Inside Denia Castle


Inside Denia Castle


The views from the top of the Castle of Denia are truly spectacular and never leave anyone indifferent. From the top you have a wonderful view of the sea, the harbor and the city of Denia to the Natural Park of Mount Montgó.

To reach the castle you have to take stairs located next to City Hall in Hospital Street, then take the Calle La Brecha and continue your climb to reach Calle del Cid, where soon you will find the Denia Castle.


Denia panoramic view from the top of the Castle



Information about Denia Castle

Adress: Carrer Sant Francesc, 1, 03700 Dénia
Telephone: 966 42 02 60
Timetable: June from 10:00h till 19:30 – From Jully 1st till 15th Septebre from 10:00h till 00:30h- From Septembre 16th to the 30th from 10:00h till 20:00h
Price: Adults 3.-€ , Children 1.-€ (from 8 to 16 years)




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