Donkey ride or Burro Taxi

In Mijas, the real protagonist is the donkey. So much that in recent years the image of this town is inextricably associated to these docile animals peacefully strolling the village.

Donkey ride or Burro taxi Mijas,-Costa-del-Sol-III

Mijas, the donkey taxi capital. One of the most original and fun things to discover are the charms of this beautiful Andalucian town. So we recommend you get on the back of one of these cute animals. You can make a Donkey ride or Burro taxi for 15€. You will wander through the narrow cobbled streets, exquisitely decorated by hundreds of pots and flowers hanging from the balconies.


Burrotaxi Mijas,-Costa-del-Sol,-Andalucia-2

The origins of the Donkey ride or Burro taxi

This donkey trip tradition was born unintentionally and by chance in the 50s. The “mijeños” used to return to work sitting on their donkeys and were insisted by tourists who could not resist the temptation to take pictures with these animals. Soon, farmers would realize that the tips they received from foreigners were higher than the wages of a hard day’s work. So they began to turn it into a business. Today, there are 52 taxi licenses with 17 carts. Reservations can be made online. Thus, sites like Burrotaxi have detail schedules, prices and itineraries to chose a tour package in Mijas.


Turists riding Burro taxi Mijas, Costa del Sol