Empuries Greco-Roman Archaeological site

The excavations of the ruins ofd'Empuries began in 1908 and have since been discovered to be with numerous archaeological remains that gives this site an incredible historical and equity value.

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This site shows the gateway to the peninsula, to the Greek and Roman civilizations. These ruins are two distinct areas that conserve the remains of a Greek city, called Emporion and the remains of the Roman city Emporiae. It is one of the most important sites in Catalonia and Spain.




Among the incredible historical values of the area, we highlight the sculpture of Asclepius, the mosaic floors of the stately homes, the Roman Forum and the amphitheater that deserve special attention for its beauty and state of preservation. Outside the archaeological site, we find the Greek port of the first century BC, in the Playa del Moll Grec.
Inside the ruins of Empúries is Museo de Arqueología de Cataluña (link: http://www.mac.cat/esl) known as MAC, whose visit is included in the price of admission to the site.





If you want to learn more details and anecdotes, a fun way to do it that will delight the whole family is to hire a dramatized guided tour of the site, or a guided tour of the museum and deposit. If you want to visit on your own, you will find throughout the site signs and signals that give information and will help guide you through the ruins.

You can reach the ruins on foot from L’Escala, and you do not have to be a history buff to enjoy this visit. It is a place worth visiting if you are nearby, plus you can finish the journey with a swim on the beach!





Information about Empuries Greco-Roman Archaeological site

Adress: 17310 Empúries- Lʼ Escala
Teléfono: 972 77 59 76
Timetable : Jun.-Sept. and Easter Holidays: 10-20 h – Oct. – May: 10-18 h
Price:Adults: aprox. 3 €; Reduced price: aprox. 2,10 € – children less than 16 years and adults more than 65: free