Essential Mallorca activities for family trips

Such wonderful island like this one has plenty of options for the whole family to enjoy, here’s a small selection of some of the best choices if you’re traveling to Mallorca with children.



Fun activities, excursions and visits to Mallorca with children

Mallorca con niños Bicicleta frente a la playa cala Talaier

Active Family tourism

This island enjoys a privileged natural environment, large natural parks and protected areas spread throughout the island, so if you travel to Mallorca with children, one of the activities that you cannot miss is a visit to a natural park, which include visiting the marshes and wetlands of S’Albufera, the Área natural de la Península de Llevantto the northeast of the island, also the beautiful natural area of protected islands of the Dragonera in the west, north the great Sierra de Tramontana with vertiginous cliffs and breathtaking landscapes, southwest Parque de la Isla Cabrera a few kilometers from the coast, or Parque natural s’Albufera; all form a Mediterranean natural environment of unique beauty and a perfect place for kids to do exercise and learn to appreciate the natural surroundings.


Palma de Mallorca acuarium

Aquarium de Palma

The visit to the Aquarium in Palma is a must to enjoy with the whole family. Considered the largest aquarium in Europe, in its more than 50 aquariums we can see up to 8,000 marine animals of 700 different species. The aquarium recreates, in a very reliable way, a trip across five sea beds which are: Mares Tropicales, el Mar Mediterráneo, Medusario, la Jungla and Mar Azul. It’s fantastic to explore its modern rooms and facilities where we enjoy giant sharks, sunfish, reptiles, jellyfish or hundreds of colorful fish. If you are traveling with children, this could be one of your must visits to Mallorca.


Mallorca con niños parque acuatico

Parque Acuático Aqualand

Another fun place if you are traveling with children or group of friends is the Aqualand water park, considered the best water park in Mallorca. A good way to enjoy a sweltering summer day is lunging in their big slides, bathing in its giant pools, rapids or its kamikazes. Featuring more than 20 attractions for the whole family including parks, picnic areas and children’s areas, this is located in the Arenal, about 14 km from the center of Palma. The price is € 28. – € 18.50. – Adults and children.


Mallorca con niños planetarium palma de Mallorca


Highly recommended is a visit to the Planetarium, a fantastic observatory located in the center of the island 23 km from Palma, south of Costixt. A truly amazing visit, fun and totally educational for the whole family. Through the explanations of fantastic guides, you will travel into space and enjoy different videos projected on a dome on the origin of the universe and then the guides will show you the origin of asteroids and finally, have the privilege of watching through telescopes like the great scientists do.





Katmandu Park

The Katmandu Park is the last generation amusement park and located in Magaluf, 14 km from Palma de Mallorca. This park combines attractions with interactive experiences for the whole family. It features 4D cinemas, mini golf, restaurants, terror thrill attractions, definitely a good choice of entertainment and guaranteed fun for the whole family.


Natural caves of Mallorca

Excursion to the Caves

In Mallorca, there are several visitable caves, all very beautiful, with shows of light and color, and some of them, as Cuevas del Drach, feature a boating lake and a concert of classical music inside, children will enjoy a lot and also learn. Other caves are Cuevas de Artá or Cuevas dels Hams.