Faro de Trafalgar beach

It is located within the boundaries of Caño de Meca. A magical setting located between Conil and Tarifa, in the municipality of Barbate.

Beautifull beach trafalgar in Barbate


The beach starts at the foot of the great lighthouse of Trafalgar, which is 34 meters high, and has been lighting fishermen from these shores since 1860, and extends to Zahora.

This is a huge 2 km long beach and 50 meters wide with very few buildings and a free and relaxed atmosphere. Its large tongue of sand is bathed by crystal blue waters. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the beach at sunset, you will enjoy one of the best sunsets on the coast of Cadiz. Every afternoon, dozens of people gather around the lighthouse to enjoy the show, where the dunes, the beach, the pinewoods and the conical tower of the watchtower are dressed in colorful orange creating a magical atmosphere.


Cape Trafalgar lighthouse beach in Barbate


The beach is very large and can be divided into two zones. The first one is called Playa de Los Bancos, which is the nearest part to the lighthouse and an area where swimmers should exercise caution due to strong currents and waves that are formed here. The far side of the lighthouse is called Playa Aceitera, it is much more quiet and safe for swimmers, so it is usually the busiest area.


Sunset in Trafalgar Lighthouse beach trafal© Rafa Velazquez


How to get to Faro de Trafalgar beach?

Take the local road CA-2141 Vejer-Caños de Meca towards Faro de Trafalgar. Later, when you spot a sign indicating that 1.5 kilometers are left to the lighthouse, turn to take the path that leads directly