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La Victoria Beach

Located in the modern center of the city of Cadiz, Playa La Victoria is the best known and busiest throughout the city. The curious composition of the city of Cadiz, arranged along a thin strip of sand, allows anyone to reach the beach in minutes.




vista panoramica playa de la Victoria


Parasols La Victoria beach in Cadiz


Its good quality sand and good facilities have allowed the beach to hold the Blue Flag continuously since 1987.
Here you will find a long stretch of sand that goes from the ancient walls of the cortadura, to the rock jetty that separates it from Playa Santa María del Mar. The beach has a lovely promenade along its 2.5 km of length, with a large number of terraces, pubs, bars and restaurants, and is also a good area to walk at night and go out for a drink.




Information about La Victoria beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 3 km
Widht: 205 m
Type of Sand: Fine sand
Type of beach: Familly beach
More information

It is considered the best urban beach in Europe and has been receiving the Blue Flag uninterruptedly from 1987 to 2011. Photos courtesy of: © Manuel de la Varga Lopez