Los Lances beach

It is an unspoiled and wild beach in the Atlantic zone of Tarifa, Cadiz, notable for its size and natural environment of high biological value. You will fall in love with its more than 7 km of fine sand from Punta de la Peña to Punta de Tarifa, bathed by crystal clear waters.



Playa de los Lances is within the boundaries of Parque Natural del Estrecho and Parque Natural Playa de los Lances. It is a place of passage for many species of migratory birds that come here to cross the strait, and is the habitat for many other species such as the gray heron, the glossy ibis, the gull of Audouin and gray plover. Here also abound gulls, plovers, and Kentish, which reproduced here.


Los Lnaces beach in Tarifa


This is a favorite spot for kite lovers due to its strong winds and streams, so it is usual to enjoy the scenery seeing hundreds of comets across the sky. You’ll like its youthful and relaxed atmosphere with its several bars, enjoying the sun and sea to the rhythm of chill out music.
In this area, the wind can blow in a very intense way (this is why there are so many people windsurfing and kite surfing) so if your idea is to spend time relaxing on the beach, you’d better make sure how the Levante is blowing that day.


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Besides the natural beauty of this environment, Playa de los Lances had the privilege of having witnessed one of the most vicious and momentous battles of the Christian Reconquest. It was right here, on October 30, 1340, in line with the Rio Salado, where the two armies were cited to face in a bloody battle. The Muslims battled here, with the King Abu-l-Hassan of the benimerín (or Marinid) dynasty of Morocco, against the King Alfonso XI of Castile on the Christian side. The result was that the Muslim army was defeated by the Christians and were eventually expelled from the Iberian Peninsula after six centuries of domination.


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Information about Los Lances beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 7.200km
Widht: 120 m
Type of sand: Fine sand
Type of beach: Surf and kitesurf beach
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