Malagueta beach

Located in the Barrio de la Malagueta, between the port of Málaga and La Caleta beach, it is one of the most popular beach among locals and tourists.


The Malagueta beach is located just outside the modern “Muelle Uno” Quay 1. This area has a wide range of leisure and entertainment areas where you can enjoy a youthful and relaxed atmosphere. There are numerous chiringuitos on the beach, making it the ideal place to sample delicious dishes from Málaga. Do not forget to try the traditional sardine skewers or the typical fried “pescaíto“.


Its proximity to the center makes this beach of 1200 mts one of the best known of the city, also featuring a beautiful promenade dotted with palm trees and one of the most photographed images of the area: the “Malagueta” letter sculpture on the beach.


Malagueta beach panoramic view malegueta


The Malagueta beach was for centuries the meeting point for people arriving here at dawn to “remove the Copos”, that was a traditional fishing craft that generally men gathered on the sand of the beach with a few baskets handcrafted with Esparto grass called “cenachero”, which each “cenachero” will bring to the market full of anchovies , sardines or mackerel, they would have gotten stretching with the only strength of his arms of nets previously placed on the beach, once achieved fresh delicacy did their peddling.


Nowadays this type of fishing is prohibited and is occasionally in some beaches in Malaga in memory to their ancestors. Here comes one of the icons of Malaga, a name that we see in many places, especially related to gastronomy.


Malagueta beach aereal panoramic view



Information about Malagueta beach

Lenght: 1.200m
Widht: 45m
Type of beach: City beach
Type of sand: Fine
More information
Promenade: Yes



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