Natural Park La Breña de Barbate

The Natural Park of La Brena de Barbate extends from Barbate to Caños de Meca, with an area of 5,077 hectares molded by the strong easterly wind.



It features pine forests stretching the coast drawn by cliffs that abruptly plunge into the sea, reaching up to 100 meters high. The park includes 1,113 species in protected marine areas.Through the many existing routes and trails, we gradually discover the secrets that this natural setting has prepared for us.


Natural-Park-La-Breña-de-Barbate© Carlos Calamar


Take an amazing tour from Cabo de Trafalgar, Los Caños de Meca, Senderos de las Quebradas or los Acantilados y Pinares de la Breña.

Marismas de la Breña are a wetland of great ecological value because of its proximity to the Strait and for being a transit to/from Africa. The Marismas occupy a privileged place in the migratory routes of many species. Here, birds from northern Europe find their place of rest and refreshment on their route to Africa.Natural-Park-La-Breña-Barbate