Peça Tower

Torreón de la Peça is a bulwark of the defensive wall of the city of Calpe, a place in which was installed "la Peça" or piece of artillery that defended the urban center since the 15th century and was hidden in the tower was installed.

Old walls of Calpe and Peça Tower

Located in the Plaza de la Villa between Calles Santísimo Cristo and Abad Penalva, in the northwest corner of the old wall of Calpe we find one of the most important monuments of the town. The Peça Tower located in the historic town of Calpe was part of a whole defensive layout that consisted of 2 walls in order to protect the city.




In the 16th and 17th centuries, both the town of Calpe and many municipalities in the Costa Levantina, suffered constant attack by pirates. These events caused the population to displace and go to safer places away from the coast inland, and often built defensive towers and fortifications for their defense.

In the case of the city of Calpe, it had built a double wall belt that completely surrounded the city, work that was concluded in 1746. The neighbors had access to the city only by a gateway called “El Portalet” an architectural work that we can visit today but which is a mere reproduction as the original door that was destroyed in 1927, thus closing one of the most important pages of the history of Calpe. The wall of Calpe is restored, and at their feet it is installed two of the four English cannons discovered in Calpe, dating back to the 14th century.


Museo de Coleccionismo Calpe Torreón de la Peça


Peça Tower Museum

This museum is located in Torreón de la Peça Museum, it is a small exhibition of 50m2 where you can usually see public and private objects such as toys, cameras and wrists in temporary exhibitions. The schedule is from 10 to 13 and from 16:30 to 7:30 p.m., on Sundays and Mondays the museum is closed.



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