Riells beach

In the heart of the tourist area of L'Escala, we find this beach with a fantastic promenade skirting.

Riells Beach is located in the tourist area of Riells, and L’Escala. It is the largest in the cityand probably the most popular beach. It is a beach of fine sand crescent shaped and shallow, so it is very popular with families with children.

It is bordered by a beautiful promenade dedicated to the literary work “The Prince” as there is a sculpture of him sitting on a stone wall, which simulates a view of the sunrise. The walk is full of bars, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors and shops. Also, in summers, there are craft markets, which make it a very lively place, perfect for a relaxed stroll and a drink at sunset or for dinner.


riells beach

Riels beach from EL principito statue



The Riells beach has good services like hammocks and awnings renting, wooden footbridges, beach bars, showers, toilets, lifeguards, disabled access, activity area, boat rentals without motor and jet skis, as well as a variety of water sports.

On its right hand is the Yacht Club, so in the days when the Tramontana blows hard, we can see dozens of small boats that leave the sailing school to sail the sea and do other water sports.
In high seasons, it has a high occupancy level, but in low seasons, it is a very quiet and pleasant area, where you can enjoy a nice view of Cap de Creusand Bahía de Rosas.





Information about the Riells beach:

Type of beach
Lenght: 600m
Widht: 50m
Type of sand:Fine sand
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