Playa d’en Tortuga

North Menorca hides one of the best kept secrets of the island, the stunning Playa Tortuga.

Turquois waters in Cala den Tortuga in Menorca

It’s situated 17 km from Mahón, by the Favaritx lighthouse and S’Albufera des Grau Natural Area, the most important nature reserve and core of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve is located in a natural environment of great beauty and ecological value called Cala d’en Tortuga.


Cala den Tortuga in Menorca


You will fall in love with its tongue of 200m of white sand, vivid turquoise waters and pristine dunes creating a landscape of great beauty. It is bordered by low cliffs surrounded by lush vegetation. Playa d’en Tortuga is hardly crowded due to to the almost two kilometer walk necessary to get there: you need to walk down a path along the coast surrounded by bushes and pass two coves, which adds up to 45 min walking to finally get to the paradise. Many adventurous ones practice nudism there.
The beach bottoms, especially on the sides are rocky, so Playa d’en Tortuga is a good place for snorkeling or diving.

How to get to Playa d’en Tortuga:

Always follow the signs to Parque Natural S’Albufera des Grau and Faro Favaritx, and a little before reaching the lighthouse you will find signs to follow from Camí de Cavalls to Cala d’en Tortuga.