Playa Son Saura

Actually, Son Saura is composed by Playa de Banyuls (facing west with about 200 meters long) and Playa de Bellavista (facing east and a little larger than the previous one with 300m in length), although people know them more as Playa Son Saura. It is a sea inlet that forms two separated beaches by a rocky ledge wedge-shape.

Son Saura Beach north Menorca (3)


The beaches are about 12 kilometers from Ciutadella and are some of the largest and most beautiful unspoiled beaches of the north coast of Menorca. The beach offers 2 large beaches called Banyuls beach and Bellavista beach with fine white sand surrounded by lush forest that reaches the sea, and are bathed by crystal clear turquoise waters, which make them very popular beaches during the summer both by tourists and Menorquinas families.


Son Saura Beach north Menorca (5)


The western beach is called Banyuls abd has a length of 200 meters and a 40 meters of width, although its dimensions are not stable and are changing over time. It seems to me that there is less sand every year. Bellavista beach has a length of 310 meters and 40 meters wide. It is very common to see people spending the day standing with tables and chairs in the shade of the pines.
In these beaches there is not much to do but sunbathe and relax. They have free parking and a lifeguard. If you want to do something different, you need to go to Camí de Cavalls and then to Talai, a beach featuring more services which is about 10 minutes away.




How to get to Playa Son Saura ?

Son Saura beachesare south about 12 km from the town of Ciutadella. Just take the road to Sant Joan de Misa from the south of Ciutadella. Before reaching the church of San Joan de Misa, you have to turn right to take the path of Son Saura which takes you to the beach. Access is easy and is well signposted but in the end there is a stretch so you have to be more careful because it is easy to get lost along country roads.