Pou des Lleó beach

Pou des Lleó is a succession of small coves of gravel and rock located in a beautiful natural environment. A quiet and very pleasant place to enjoy the sea and a beautiful seascape without crowds.

beautifull beach Pou des LLeo in Santa Eulalia

Pou de Lleó is located about 5 km from San Carles and 14 km from Santa Eulalia and is in a natural and wild environment of great beauty. It is a succession of small wild coves composed of rock and gravel with some stretches of sand. The busiest of all the coves, Canal Martí, hosts inside a small natural harbor with typical slipway houses all over the island, where fishermen keep their boats and fishing gear.


Calo des Moro


The waters in this area are very clean and incredibly transparent, with sea beds of great natural wealth. It is a perfect place for snorkeling so we recommend you wear a diving mask.
At one end of the beach we found Torre de Valls that was built to guard the coast from attacks by pirates and corsairs that plagued the islands and from where you can enjoy exceptional views.
Keep in mind that in this area there are no bars or typical beach services, only in the access road will find the Fonda Pou des Lleó.



Information about Cala Pou des Lleó

Type of beach
Lenght: 60m
Widht: 15 m
Type of sand: Sand and rocks
Type of beach: Familly beach
More information: Situation: 14 Km. from Santa Eulalia and 29 km from Ibiza.